Blog #4 Are Minorities set up to fail? Suthikiat M. Phutisatayakul

Are minorities set up to fail? Whites would usually say no and use meritocracy as excuse, along with “evidence” of Asians and Jewish being able to make it America through meritocracy. Minorities are set up to fail especially blacks because it is rooted in the history of the United States and into its social structure. The social structure and racism is why minorities are affected by environmental racism. It is set in history that minorities are inferior too whites and that also means living conditions because that is what they can afford under a white privileged country.


            Most minorities live in areas where they are set up to not make progress or be devoured and destroyed by the environment around them and contribute the continuation the cycle of hardship. For example in “Katrina Shows Racial Divide in America” in New Orleans blacks is mostly poor and hurricane Katrina hit and where are these poor people supposed to go? Sure they turned the Superdome into a retreated or were it really a retreat. They shut it off the power in the superdome at night people were stealing, fighting, raping because nothing can be seen. The ironic thing is this has happened in history before just like stated in the article, the 1927 Mississippi River flood where black homes were destroyed and they were also forced to word to rebuild the levees and they were not allowed to reclaim their land. In the 1930s a hurricane also hit and blacks were used as human sandbags. It is a continuous cycle and it is only getting worse through globalization and the dying middle class and global warming also. The southeast of the U.S is already hurricane and tropical storm land but the occurrences will rise due to climate change according to the article “Katrina Reveals Environmental Racism’s Deadly Force”.



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