Blog 4: Two for me, one for you, hey, at least you’re getting some right?…


      Citizens vote to try to put into office the candidates who will best advocate policies and interests that they themselves want and believe in. Citizens vote for props and policies to either pass or be denied according to how it affects them. One would think that in a society that is consisted of a majority of middle and lower class citizens that we would have people in powerful positions to help advocate changes that would best benefit the public. Although sometimes it is the case, what can the middle and lower class citizens do with their limited resources and small voices when the people in power, as well as big corporations, have puppet strings that are being controlled by the tiny wealthy portion of the population?

            Although the government is not always completely one sided in a way, just because there are policies and programs that do actually help distribute wealth to the poor and are helping them improve their circumstances, it does not mean there aren’t any policies and programs that are benefiting the wealthy as well. According to Nelson and Ojha’s article, Income Inequality Increasing in the Nation’s Capital, there are three areas where the inequality gap is growing faster than ever before due to outsourcing, policy changes, and technological advancement. Those changes that have greatly affected Washington D.C. are only a few things that create a domino effect of changes that may help the poor in a small way but benefits the rich tenfold. Jobs opportunities are being eliminated because big corporations are moving their companies elsewhere to make more profit. Technology advancement is replacing numbers of low skilled jobs that many individuals without degrees and diplomas depend on. Policy changes benefit the wealthy more that it helps the poor who really need the helping hand. As the wealthy become richer, it makes it harder for everyone underneath them to try to climb to safety out of drowning waters on a ship’s wall that scales too high.


            In order to start even the slightest alleviation of poverty and the inequality that the growing income gap brings along, the puppet strings that the rich have on the people who put in and change our public policies needs to be detached. Big corporations need to think of the people it affects over “the business” aspects of policy reforms. 

NBC News: Income Inequality Increasing in the Nation’s Capital:


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