First World, Second World, Third World

By: Jocelyn Zamora

When it comes to identifying a countries value with separate them through first, second and third world countries. However, how are these countries determined by this model? Well the terms first started being used after world war 2 after the world was separated between the western capitalist the eastern socialist and then the rest the world. Now we mostly hear first world countries vs third world countries. Some of the most know first world countries are the United States, western Europe, Japan and Australia. The third world countries are mostly found in Africa and Latin America.  The difference between these countries are the inequality in available resources and the way the capitalist take advantage of the small resources these countries have. Capitalism play a big role in this because when they take this resources from other countries then they limit those countries ability to move up. Also first world countries tend to aid he countries when it benefits them in the end. These third world countries don’t want aid they want trade so there will be goods coming in and out their countries.  First world countries tend to hold back these third world countries because of there greed. Its time for trade not aid.



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