Gloria Ortiz Blog #4


A Man named Kim says that adding ‘Mr.’ to his resume ended job troubles.

An unintentional experiment on workplace gender discrimination by an Australian management consultant after adding two letters to his resume lead to him landing a job. In his blog post, “How I Discovered Gender Discrimination” Kim O’Grady expressed his journey in finding new job opportunities after he quit his job.  Even though he believed there would be plenty of opportunities since he was an experienced guy, he was wrong. After four months of job searching, he still hadn’t landed an interview. He started looking over his resume, wondering what a qualified person like him could be missing.  He realized his name, Kim, might have given employers the impression he was a woman.  After he added ‘Mr.’ to his resume, he was offered interviews to the next two jobs he applied for.

“Gender discrimination is real and it damages women, and removing gender discrimination needs leadership from men,” he wrote.

 “More recent evidence suggests he’s right. A study published in the fall sent scientists the same application for a position as lab manager, sometimes with a male name and other times with a woman’s. Both men and women reviewing the applications rated the female applicants lower on average in all categories, including competence and hire ability, even though the qualifications were exactly the same.”

In the image above, you can witness how a father takes his young daughter to his office so she can see what could have been hers… if she was a man. Clearly illustrating that woman are viewed as being incapable of having leadership roles in the workplace.

Unfortunately, gender inequality in the workplace hasn’t made process, as we might like to imagine. Women are still treated unequal in the workplace compared to men. Women are still not offered equal opportunities in the work sector. There is still a huge gap between women and mens wages. Also, when it comes to college degrees, women degrees don’t have the same value as mens. It is not only inequality in the workplace, it is in general. Even though we have come a long way, there is still a long road ahead. Women need to keep pushing to one day have the same opportunities as men.

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