Chris Lee BLOG 4 – Immigrant Friendly


New York City hopes to invest $18 million dollars to help unauthorized immigrants against deportation. New York City already has an deferred action, which is a grant to help illiegal immigrants who immigrated as children help against prosecution, deportation, and in some cases work. Part of the budget will be used to help those individuals obtain that referral. This will hopefully boost the amount by an estimate of 16,000 people. This is one of two projects that hope to help immigrants in the New York City and show that there are small steps being made to help the problem of living and treating illegal immigration. Its interesting to see how New York City has taken more steps to dealing with illegal immigrants in a different way than what the west and other states have handled it. Instead of removing and trying to push out illiegal immigrants out via laws, deportation and poor treatment, New York City has taken the chance to help them in hopes of creating a society that would possibly create a working atmosphere amongst all people. The article suggests that the first project will be beneficial as with another recent initiative passed which provided council to those going to immigration court. Compared to those without counsel, “only 3 percent won their cases, compared to with 18 percent of those with counsel.” I think its important to give equal footing for all under the court of law and this will give greater power to illegal immigrants to help against their deportation. Something as small as receiving counsel is something every person should be able to have access too, especially when it comes to the possibility of being separated from your family.

The second project where the money will be allocated is to be plugged into community-based organizations through the Youth and Community Development Department. A part of that will also be used to help expand education programs like general education and English for second language speakers. This will in turn help illegal immigrants get more on their feet, keep their families together, and fulfill the difficult requirements of education. This will not only be valuable for those affected by the project but also society as it will create possible higher educated immigrants. I think this may be a small step toward cities and societies in dealing with illegal immigrants and their possible roles in society. In a society that says illegal immigrants lack skills and education, this will help those who dont have the opportunities to find adequate education to to receive and learn such things.

In terms of equality this is an important imitative that if successful will lead a way to more projects. Contrary to the usual deportation, New York City has told the nation that they are willing to give illegal immigrants a chance in order to create a stronger stay in society in both work and culture. I think under a nation that believes in equality and freedom, this is one small way in which may prove to be important way to approach illegal immigrants in our society.


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