Jennifer Rener Blog 4


Overt racism is dying but it evolved into institutional racism. Whites are privileged through overt racism and were given a self-head start leaving minorities in the dust of white privelegeness.   This country is called a democracy but it was run by indirectly keeping leadership positions in the family of whiteness through history and benefits. The G.I. bill in World War 2 and how it helped the majority race of U.S. soldiers is another example of how whites are ahead. It helped solely white people with not only salary but their family received full health care benefits and their children received full tuition through college. If you look up any high government position all the governors, senators, congressman, and etc. all came from prestigious expensive schools.


Meanwhile the minorities are struggling to get into college because of racism and majority white ran institutions. Without education it is harder to make it to the upper class let alone the middle class which accounts for blacks and Hispanics living in ghettos while most whites have everything set in suburbia America. This is the social construct that most white people fail to notice. Minorities do not start on the same starting line as each other and definitely  do not start at the same line as white. Whites are overlapping minorities and they tend to covertly forgot that they already finished the lap and believe that it is an fair and equal race.




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