Kathleen Tiet, Blog 4


Class inequality does not only happen in the United States but also in other countries around the world as well. Zong Qinghou, one of China’s wealthiest man, believes that China does not need to solve the problem of the rich and poor gap in their country, but believes that they should solve the problem of common prosperity. Common prosperity is the equal success everyone should be pushing for so that they are able to support themselves and their families. He begins to discuss how the wealthy people in China should help everyone reach prosperity so that their society will become more harmonious and comfortable for all. Zong, himself, started from the bottom by opening a small business selling fizzy drinks to children, and had to temporarily live under a bridge because he did not have enough money for a hotel. Soon later, his business became China’s top 3 soft drinks! However, Zong warned that, “If we had egalitarianism… we wouldn’t have enough to eat,” but does not provide any further explanations. China has been going through overpopulation problems, which had caused problems towards their economic, pollution, resources, and more. China created the “one child policy” so that they are able to control the overpopulation. Zong is possibly implying that if everyone has the same equal wealth and have the opportunity to purchase more food then there would not be enough food for everyone to eat comfortably, on top of the overpopulation problem their country is going through, which includes the limited resources (food) they have. Zong says the gap is not a priority, but by focusing on the success and common prosperity people should aim for that could still lead to closing the gap.

The photo above is Zong making his speech regarding the wealth gap not being a priority.



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