Lori Ayala Blog#4




All over the news this past week has all been about the Trayvon Martin case. Facebook, Twitter all around the United States you hear the names Trayvon and Zimmerman. Everyone is mad because Mr. George Zimmerman a police officer was let go for “killing” the young 17 year old boy. At first Zimmerman was let free because he had said he shot as self-defense against the boy. But later was accused of racism and was charged with murder in 2012.


The problem this past week was that the jury found him NOT guilty of second-degree murder or of manslaughter charges. The black community was infuriated! They are mad that a man who killed a young boy was freed, only because he is white. On the other side to defend themselves, they argue that it wasn’t a racist move, they looked over the case and couldn’t find evidence that titled him a guilty. “We looked over the case, if it was just another black man killing another black man it would simply overlook.” This is nothing but the truth; both sides have great points, and are very much true. However what about all the other cases throughout history that have done the same, can they all really be innocent?  In 1984, Bernard Goetz shot four young black men who tried to mug him on a subway in New York City. It’s hard to fault a man for wanting to defend himself against a legitimate attack, even if he was carrying an unlicensed firearm. However, what would the reaction have been if a black man had shot four white teenagers? And so many that I could keep naming. It’s not only blacks, but Latinos, always being pulled over. There was also a case in the news last week of a group of people trying to get rid of a police officer that only attacks Latinos. The case in Arizona where there has been legalized to pullover anyone that may look “undocumented!”  All minorities are attacked!


My question is it ever going to end! In this case with Trayvon there are people protesting all over the US but will this really do anything? Will it help is get rid of all these injustices? Don’t get me wrong I am extremely happy that people are standing up for this that could be an injustice. It will show others that they can do the same and have their voices heard. They can make these changes to the US that are greatly needed. The people in the picture below are all making a stand and let’s hope that it all works and their voices are heard.





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