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Inequality has been an issue in many countries for a long time now. It goes from racial, gender, and class issues. What I mean by racial issues is that people are discriminated based on their race making this an unequal opportunity for them to succeed in our society. Same goes with class; in society people are measured in terms of a social category; where ever you stand financial wise determines if you are either poor, middle class, or rich. But one case that has had many controversies is that of gender inequality. For many years now, women have had the privileges of many things in society, but they still are not fully seen as equal. It was in the 1900s when an argument arose because women wanted the right to go out in to the work force. Men were not content with the idea that women went out to work. They saw this as a sign of over empowerment. Many men felt as if they would lose power over their women if they were to go out in the workforce because not only where they just working outside of their homes, they were now going through a stage where they could be more independent by themselves as the article of Heidi Hartman Stated. Even though women have gained many rights, we still face inequality in society. For example, in the labor force many times women who have kids are neglected the opportunity to work because it is believed that women will miss work more often because of their children. When women had no rights, it was their obligation to stay home and be housewives, basically be their husband’s slaves. Nowadays, many men believe that women should stay home and take care of their kids while they go out and bring the money home. Sometimes women are also rejected from work places because they do not meet the standards the employer is looking for such as: looking manly, acting more masculine, etc. They are seen as in superior, weak, and not able to complete the job. They are judged by their physical.

Gender-inquality-significantly-effects-a-womans-savings-02 Chart11
I believe those who are against gender inequality must not think about their relative’s future. I wonder if they do not want for their daughter to have the same rights as their sons, for their daughters to have equal opportunities in education, labor force, and anywhere they desire. Why do men earn more money than women even though they have the same job? Why do others get paid better? The images below demonstrate the rates of men and women working the same job and from the graph we can determine that man always earn more no matter the race.

This video gives great examples of how women are treated as unequal and how they slowly are overcoming gender inequality.



It seems that gender inequality is slowly fading away in many countries not just in the United States. It has gave many women hope of one day be seen as equal as men. I believe that gender inequality can be erased in many aspects in society, but even if it does women will still always be criticized or be seen less worthy compared to men. But I have to say that women are empowering many of these arrogant ideas that they are implied such as the one that states that they are less than men and cannot complete the same amount of work as them. It was reported that women are now over throwing the rate in education; women education completions has increased immensely. Slowly women are gaining the power and same equal rights as men, and like I stated I believe it is possible for women and men to one day have equal rights in any aspect in society. Women have always had more duties than men. Many now have a job, have to take care of their kids, cook, clean, look good for their man, and have to still be affectionate with their husbands. I think that this already makes a women an over achiever who can be successful in any facet that they face in society.


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