Women’s Appearance: Necessity or Optional?

In class this week we touched on feminism and a woman’s beauty; particularly how it is viewed by society. It is social conditioning that explains why women feel the need to “be put together” aside from personal hygiene interests. Women do more than just personal hygiene, either for fear of what others might say or because it is whats “expected” of them. There is no real answer to explain why this goes on aside from peer pressure from society and from men; it is expected for all women to look the same as the above picture lightly implies. The blame cannot be pointed at any certain individual, society is to blame for the expectations put on women and they are required to accommodate.

Even if a woman is unable to accommodate and fulfill these requirements on her own, plastic surgery is available like no other today now more than ever. Women spend thousands of dollars trying to make themselves look young, pretty, “happier” but the real reason these women are unhappy is because they do not look like the average american women that is consistently portrayed on television and beauty advertisements. It is ironic to see that as I am writing this blog there is an ad on the top of the page for botox for an extremely low price. We see many options for “looking better” all around us and women are so used to it now that they overlook the underlying meaning so much so that it becomes the new ideal.

This relates to inequality because it portrays a woman’s values very different than men’s and because of men’s values, women change theirs accordingly.



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