Asiah Jennings- Blog #5

Asiah Jennings- Blog #5

Single parent families are known to not have much social and economic mobility in society. With the difficulties of taking care of their children by themselves, it is harder to be able to bring in extra income for upward mobility. The article I chose is about single parents, and how it is hard to climb the income ladder while worrying about their children.

Being a single parent doesn’t give much motivation in the workforce, as presumed by this article. In the beginning of the article it talks about how the single mother was afraid to mention her son because of employers assuming the negative implications of being a single parent. Another big part of single parenting, along with the class that these parents are in, are the concerns for their children’s health and safety when they are not around. This factor also affects access to higher income opportunities because it causes psychological pressure on the parent that could interfere with their work, making it hard to concentrate to make money.

This article relates to the course because it talks about inequality and class all in one. Social class is implied by the article assuming that most single parent families are in the working class or below trying to move up at least to lower middle class. As far as inequality, class itself is unequal. They have to work hard, but also risk a lot to achieve what they need to survive. Upper classes don’t have to sacrifice as much to obtain upward mobility.


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