Controversial Cheerios Commercial: Biracial Family, Blog 5 Crystal Alvarado

Earlier this month a Cheerios cereal ad stirred controversy amongst Americans. The cereal ad showed a young girl and two parents. The controversy in the ad was that the mother was White and the father was Black making the young girl half White and half Black. People took offense to that and began posting hateful comments and some even dared to reference Nazis and other extreme forms of racism.

In this video we can see how young children reacted to the commercial. Before they were told that some of the population wanted this ad removed they mentioned that they saw nothing wrong about it. After they were told they felt that that should not be a problem today in America. Some were teary eyed and gave supported messages to those who are in biracial families.

The point is that in today’s day and age people should see others as equal. Young children are not born racist. Their parents, who are the same people who disapprove of this commercial, are the same one who are creating such racism. With racism comes racial inequality. Had the husband been White or the wife Black nobody would have seen controversy. General Mills was very brave for acknowledging that people of all races are equal and that it should be normal to see biracial families.

Many have applauded Cheerios for such and ad. For example “When my wife and I watched the video, it felt great to (finally) see a representation of our own family,” Murphy wrote on the website regarding the Cheerios commercial. “We created this site to publicly reflect the changing face of the American family.” America is constantly changing and families are constantly changing people should learn to accept change and stop racial inequality.

I chose the photo above because many Biracial families are proud of their families and are happy that General Mills is taking one of the first steps to change the view of America. The family is in fact biracial and they are holding a Cheerios cereal box to show the world that they are happy and proud of who they are. 


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