Dulcia Tsai’s Blog 5: Double Standard


     When Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, made certain business changes and decisions for her company, she was publicly criticized for making wrong assessments for her company. “And here’s the thing — the male CEO of Best Buy made a similar decision a week later, and we have hardly heard anything about it.” (Erickson, Huff Post Business, 3/19/13) Why is it women have to live by a double standard and be held back by a glass ceiling even if they are capable of running a business or making decisions that can result in best outcome for the company? Shouldn’t aspects like gender, race, and ethnicity be obsolete when it comes to determining one’s merit, performance, and capabilities? We may think we live in a society that is now free of discriminations like racism and gender inequality but it still greatly persists if we stop, zoom out, and look at the entire picture.

Image Image

            “Women currently hold 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.6 percent of Fortune1000 CEO Positions” (Catalyst.org, 2013). That is only a couple statistics that show that gender inequality still persists today. Women are just as capable of upward mobility as much as men, the only thing is that people fail to see that it is the male-dominated hiring and decision making boards who are not letting them climb upwards when they should be able to. Marissa Mayer is only the 2nd highest paid individual at her company and her benefits and compensation packages are still crawl behind other males at her company despite what he was able to bring into and for the company itself. Women are cultured in society to only be housewives who cook, clean, bare, and raise children but when women of high positions in multi-millionaire companies are seen taking time off of work for their children or working from home, they are scrutinized for being not devoted or lazy. Women are constantly kept from powerful company position due to prejudice view on how females are emotionally unbalanced and cannot handle the job “like a man”. If companies now are striving for diversity and discriminating against racist profiling during hiring then shouldn’t it be the same when it comes to gender? If we expect women to take double shifts at work and at home, then why do we discriminate when they actually try to do so? To aim to decrease the inequality, we need make out top deciders of policies and laws to be less dominated by males. The fact that offices like the senate down to corporation boards are dominated by males does not provide an equal perspective and representation, gender wise.


Marissa Mayer Backlash Reveals Double Standard for Women CEOs: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jennifer-erickson/marissa-mayer-backlash-re_b_2908194.html

CEO Marissa Mayer Is Only Yahoo’s 2nd Highest Paid Executive:


Women CEOs of fortune 1000:



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