Eventually, the way you receive your mail will determine which class you are in..

By, Lyna Hao



We have come to a time in our society where most things are based off technology. In order to communicate with one another, we now go on the internet and send emails, use social networks, or make calls because they are more efficient than waiting a couple days to send or receive a letter in the mail. Due to this, the volume of mail handled by the Postal Service has declined dramatically. Every year, Postal Services have been losing billions which may result in the lost of door-to-door mail delivery. If the door-to-door mail delivery is put to an end, the Postal service would be saving and estimate of 4.5 billion annually.

If we were to look at the finances, the cost differences are very clear. “Curbside delivery costs average $224 per year for each address, while cluster box delivery averages $160. Door-to-door delivery costs the agency about $350 per year, on average” (Miga 2013). Sue Brennan, a Postal Service spokeswoman, also started that if they changed the system, they would be able to deliver mail much faster and more efficiently if our mailmen did not have to walk up directly to each and every door, but instead delivery our mail on the curb.

This system although has many flaws because they did not look more into certain neighborhoods where it may be difficult to change from a door-to-curbside postal service. Many dense populated urban areas consist of triple, double decker apartments where it would be impossible to move 30 million residential addresses to the curbside. Not only will this plan be impossible, but if the plan was to continue, people were given the option to keep the door-to-door delivery service by paying a special fee. This is unfair because something that everyone was able to enjoy is now being taken away from the poor, and only those who have money will be given the opportunity to have their mail continuously be delivered to their door.

Like if the poor did not already have it bad, now they will have to walk out into the street and get their mail, while this plan becomes another privileges option for the rich. Also, since this plan would be much faster and efficient to deliver mail, 28 percent of people in this workforce lost their jobs because they were no longer needed since work was becoming more fast. I thought this article was important because it shows how the people in our society, little by little, are being stripped from their rights and jobs, and how the gap between the rich and poor continuously widen. 

I chose the picture above with the woman looking for her apartment/house number in the parking lot through the many cluster boxes set outside because it shows no more interaction with their daily mailman and also that door-to-door mail service will probably be only for the privileged. 


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