Occupation is in a state of flux for many in the United States. Those that have the luxury of not having to worry about maintaining employment are the minority in this case, especially with the survey statistics of the article establishing that two-thirds of the employed population of Los Angeles County fear potential job loss.  Hook (2000) would see this as an important reason as to why reformed feminism awareness needs to be heightened.  According to Hook (2000) feminism is a movement to end sexism and the exploitation and oppression that is involved.  Generalized in this way feminism encompasses all individuals who experience exploitation and oppression because of the gender type that they are.  The exploitation and oppression usually occurs from the position in the labor market that people are situated into.  For example, from the article those that feel their job is not secure will put up with more behaviors and actions from their employers that exploit and oppress their rights as workers.  Also, those employers know and see that the employees feel insecure in their position because of the increased low wage work force will use it to their advantage and use it as a tool to get them to do what they want. 

            Freeman (XXXX), was one sociologist who understood that there will be an increase of the global workforce that could and has threatened job stability in certain sectors mainly areas of the work force that don’t have to be done face to face with the customer.  Basically, many people who are not already established in a career field or interact with the customer in real time and space will feel the pressure of limited job security forcing people to invest in “human capital” in the form of education advancement, technical training, or employee training to maintain or move up the “corporate ladder.”  Unfortunately these investments are easier said than done because most require financial backing to achieve them and if there isn’t any extra funds to extract from there is only one real option “to deal with it” or be replaced.  Until a greater number of people demand what Hook (2000) regarded as early feminist movements of “equal work for equal pay” reinvented to pertain to all sectors of the social structure there will be ways those with the power (control the means of production) will deceptively exploit and oppress everyone else (those that sell their labor to those in control of the means of production).


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