Paula Moua Blog 5


In this image, it represents how white people only want white people in the workplace. This is a way to keep the black and minorities from getting jobs. This shows the inequality of race in the workplace by only wanting white people.  Black unemployment rate and other minorities are higher than White. In the article, “Black Unemployment Driven By White America’s Favors For Friends” describes how white people over power the work place. Most white Americans think their career and economic advantages have been entirely earned and not passed down or parceled out. In the article, it explains ways for white Americans to drive out black or minorities from getting a job. An advantage to keep black and minorities out from working was through network between family and friends. White Americans have more of an advantage with networking when it comes to getting a job because there are more white American workers out there than other minorities. Also, when looking for a job, white Americans would get better recommendation than other minorities. White Americans would rather have their own kind to work than work with other minorities. This is why they would rather recommend  their friends or family members who needs a job. This was a way to keep black and minorities out. It is said that black people have less network with family and friends who has a job because most jobs are taken up by white Americans. If a white American with a criminal record were to apply for the same job as a black person who does not have a criminal record and qualify for the job, the white American would get the job instead. This shows how the white Americans would try to keep out any black or minorities from working. They want to keep their power because they are scared that the minorities will take over if they get more advantage of having a job. You are able to see the inequality between the different race when it comes to looking for a job.


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