Sophia Truong, Blog 5

Studies have shown that poverty and obesity are coincide with one another. The more in debt a family is, the more likely they are to being obese. Why is that, though? The reason being is because low-incomed families do not have the money to eat healthier foods. Instead, they resort to eating cheap, fast food such as McDonald’s and Burger King.



These chart above compares the level of obesity between men and women. The chart on the left show’s their obesity level with the factor of the men and women’s poverty level, and the chart on the right shows their obesity level with the factor of the men and women’s educational level. As you can see, the chart on the left is trending downwards and the income is increasing. Women tend to fall into obesity easier than men. Similarly, the chart on the right has similar downward trends. The chart on the right also has a large difference for between the men and women both receiving education levels up to 12 years. 

In the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, “food insufficiency” was defined as “not having enough to eat.” Their research has found that up to 4% in the total sample stated that they were food insecure. However, this percentage raised to 14% among the low income citizens. The families that were claimed food insecure tended to be those who were single households parents and households with children, both of these factors which relate to poverty.


One parent said, “Often junk food tends to be “cheap” and parents think it is the only way to feed their children.” This parent also stated that on her way to work at Westminster, she sees parents taking their children to fast food shops to buy them unhealthy “breakfast buns.”

This epidemic of obesity among the poor class is starting to emerge at a fast pace. We need to find solutions for these families to eat in healthier ways. Whether it be more governmental help with food stamps or other solutions, this problem needs to be put to an end. It is extremely unhealthy and it will eventually create a wider social gap among the rich class and poor class. 



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