Steven Mier Blog 5

Women’s Employment

I came across this graph with the famous “We Can Do it” feminist slogan during the war. It was meant to motivate women to do their part while husbands were away fighting. The poster called for women to take on the difficulty of balancing home duties as well as income for their families. The Heading “Not so rosie” describes the graph showing percentage of female workers in the manufacturing sector. There was a rise in the late 1960’s but a steady decline by 2000. It continues to fall perhaps due to globalization and multinational exporting. Women in the workforce isn’t a new phenomena but in the manufacturing sector, it seems to be obsolete according to this graph. In relation to the Lim Reading, exploitation of women in the labor force is practiced too often overseas. She even says “Capitalist market forces and employment based on imperialist exploitation cannot liberate women…” (Lim 230). Though these women are given opportunities to work in sectors usually suited for men, they are instead exploited by low wages and worked too hard. Countries outsourcing their products are reaping all the benefits while women are being used for capitalist production. The graph in the picture above shows how manufacturing is declining due to these multinational markets who exploit workers for mere profit.


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