As the author suggests in this article, there is a war waging against inequality between the supreme court ruling of the patent of synthetic DNA. In summary, “good health” and other biological innovations can now be privately owned. Those who can patent and own the rights have real world implications. As suggested in the article, gene analysis can be a cheap test, however through privatization and patents, those tests can be charged a cost far higher due to corporate profits. These tests aren’t more special or use different techniques, but cost more simply because the companys can. This not only hurts those general public but also the industry as well. By ruling for the privatization of synthetic DNA, there is a drastic change in its research as well. It’ll be more difficult for a small company to fight against giant corporations with patents. Instead of instilling the idea of creating health and gene innovations, the majority of the research and products produced are meant for profit. Its scary to think how the improvement of health is mainly dictated by the amount of wealth one may acquire through it. This not only shows how people are exploited but how easily things can get out of hand. The drug industry argues that without it, there will be no incentive for research, which may be true. But if the economic value beats out the moral values, than itll only perpetuate more inequality in the near future. “The lives of the poor are sacrificed at the alter of corporate profit.” As found in class, the experience of such changes are ground breaking not only in america but worldwide. Thus the struggle continues for equality in not only living, but also within the corporate and business world. This only only affects the economy but society as well. Hopefully, if optimistic, there may be other ways the court can help control the rights and values to better contribute to society



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