Demographic Change Amplifying Inequalities by Jessica Mallari


This article sums up the importance of behavior change to achieve success instead of simply changing the location. It reiterates that more minorities, or those who are not white, are unemployed and live in poverty compared to whites. Then, it further states that because many minorities live in poverty, many students lack a good quality education system, drop out, and have an overall achieve less learning. The first step in education is preschool. However, many Hispanics do not send their child to preschool. President Obama has proposed to raise taxes on cigarettes to fund those children far below the poverty line to send them to preschool. However, this proposal will not be addressed because the government is cutting down spending. Not only are minorities concerned about proper education, but also they are concerned about proper health care. Those who are not healthy are not able to attend class regularly, which can affect their longterm education.

While these are issues that have been repeated, they still should be given attention. The article stresses that these children, who could be getting a better educations and who could have better health, are those who will be affecting the economy later. They have the potential to become efficient workers in the economy; however, without a proper education and health, their chances are much more slim. Obama has addresses these issues, yet there is still some ways to go!


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