Distribution of Wealth


By: Jocelyn Zamora 


When thinking about class inequality I think about the value of each of work and the money that is being distributed to each job. When thinking about the wealthy one thinks of CEOs, athletes, artists, and people with power. However, how is it that the value movie stars and musicians is greater than the work that contributes to our society like the job of a teacher and even our leaders. One thing that comes to mind is power and the influence these artist have not only nation wide but worldwide. Could it be that the type of influence they have determine the wealth they earn. Movie stars and artist influence what is strived for which is good looks, money and fame. The get paid more because we contribute to their wealth like buying the cds, movies, or going to their concerts. The president made about 600,000 thousands dollars while Justin Bieber made about 58 million dollars. It just shows the priorities of people and how citizens are contributers for the rich to get richer. Im not saying to not support you’re favorite artist just to be conscious of where your money is going. 



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