Jennifer Rener Blog 5

Jennifer Rener Blog 5

I really like this picture because it directly relates to what we were talking about this past week. There’s a constant power struggle between the rich white elite and everyone else in the world creating further social class inequality. We claim to have equality throughout the country but do we really? Even though American Dad is a parody of the United States, a lot of what is says and jokes about actually goes on. There are people who, not directly, say this. People against affirmative action, equal opportunities, etc. Those top percent want to keep as the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The excuse that many CEO and businessmen use to explain the way they handle things is by saying that they’re providing jobs, that it’s because of them that these people aren’t homeless and that the economy is still running somewhat smoothly. They give themselves more credit than what they actually deserve and don’t acknowledge the people they step on in order to have the nice fancy things they have.


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