Kathleen Tiet, Blog 5


There was an article that discussed the closing gap between inequality and poverty. In Tleyanpur Village, Nepal, many of the people are participating in work, and the work is done by all gender. Many of the work that are done equally by both gender. They have helped poverty by connecting their resources they have with others. The farm workers are finding more markets they are able to sell their resources too. They find solutions that help both the farmers and the markets. They mainly go by “accountability, sharing and caring, improving the environment, gender equity and the like” to help the society to improve for the better. Families are being more responsible and involved, by making sure their children are being educated and are doing well in school.

The photo above is a women standing by the words “gender and focus family”, this society focuses a lot on both, and are slowly improving their inequality and poverty.

Their society is slowly improving, however, the article only discusses about the farm workers, and does not include any other work that might be included in their town. It is good that they are able to focus on gender equality, and their children improvement. They can make noticeable wonderful changes because they are still a small developing country.



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