Mireya Cano Blog #5

Breast Cancer Disproportionately Affecting Black Women Most




More and more African American women are being affected by cancer today. These women are being diagnosed with cancer at a higher rate than white women. Breast cancer can be inherited, but there is one cause that I believe plays a larger role in the reason why this disease is more prevalent among this ethnic community. This article states that the reason why is because more black women have preexisting illnesses such as Diabetes. I agree, the main reason I believe this is true is because of the disparities among the community. Black minorities, especially women live in poor neighborhoods, in poor living conditions, and many times unsafe environments. 

Many minorities are of the poor/working class. They do not have sufficient amount of money to purchase healthy, and may I say very expensive, food at the grocery store. Purchasing a “Happy Meal” at a fast food restaurant is easy, inexpensive, and convenient. Easy and convenient because many times these women are single mothers that work very long hours and do not have the time or strength to get home and cook a meal. This can lead to health issues like obesity for example, that we see most prevalent in ethnic minorities. 

Many of these women do not have access to health care and thus, do not see doctors regularly to check for any medical discrepancies or abnormalities. They try to maintain a good health so they are not forced to see a doctor and pay a large amount of money on medical bills. 

Lastly, many black women among other minority women, live in communities were power plants are located. These power plants are polluting the air that essentially, the low-income, color community breathes. It is no wonder why so many of them are ill. In general, white women live in nicer and better neighborhoods where you do not see a power plant remotely near it. In general, many white women live a comfortable middle class lifestyle. have access to health care, and have enough money to purchase healthy groceries. The stresses and reality of white women is completely different from that of black women. 

It is a great disparity. We can definitely see how Class Inequality goes far beyond the economics, it affects health and livelihood as well. 

I chose this image to show the importance of getting a Mammogram done to screen for Breast Cancer.


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