Poor students in College.

In the article, “For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall.” talks about the problems many poor students have to face when going to college. It is a miracle enough that a poor person would be devoted to their studies enough to land them at a University. Going to college is known to improve economic mobility overall; however, unfortunately for these humble hard working students, they still face obstacles when entering college. In particularly, they focus on Angelica Gonzales who is a first generation valedictorian living with a struggling immigrant mom. Unfortunately, many poor students have a hard time keeping up with the demands of college work because they have not been as properly educated from their schools as a rich person would from a rich school district. The case study follows a couple of Mexican students with poor working class immigrant parents. Most of them have not successfully earned a degree, and Angelica who did graduate, owed around $60,000 in debt and had to work as a clerk in a furniture store. Although each of these people showed ability to excel and persevere through college, money often became an issue for them, they often feel alienated from their non college friends, family, or lovers. It has been shown that poor students performed more poorly than affluent students. Now the gap is growing bigger and bigger between economic classes in school. Though education supposedly helps people become more economically mobile, it seems lately though education has been counterintuitive. The cause for this disparity is because low income kids typically come from low income schools that do not have the same resources or experiences an affluent district would. So once in college, they are already behind college standards, despite doing well in their own district. There are a couple of graphs in
that shows the disparity between rich and poor college students. There is clearly a trend. The richer you are, the more likely you are to graduate college and perform above average. It is very rare for poor people to excel ahead of rich people. Also those who do not complete college end up having a lot of debt yet do not have the economic mobility a college graduate would. Basically, the ones who don’t graduate end up hurting for than gaining. A lot poor students have to drop out due to having poor grades. This is like the economic mobility article that states it is getting harder for poor people to move up economically because of a lot of their restrictions from their economic class. Clearly it is unfair because they could not help being born into a poor family. It supports the argument that it nearly impossible to advance financially.


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