Pro-life or pro-choice who decides?

Women face many different inequalities all around the world. They tend to face it everywhere, from certain states to even cities. But when it comes to abortion, the question of choice therefore becomes controversial in terms of the mother and the States? There has been an ongoing disagreement on abortion whether if it’s morally wrong, legal or illegal? But in the end, who makes the decision and why?

girl holding poster

Currently in Texas, a bill has passed to prohibit abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy. One might ask why a woman would want to have an abortion so late in her pregnancy, but should there be a time limit? If there isn’t a time restriction for aborting, how will an individual decide when it’s not okay to have one? Each individual might have different reasons to why they might need or want to have an abortion. Reasons can vary from either getting rape or “it isn’t the right time”. In the article “XOJane”, a fourteen year old from Texas took a stand in order to make statement. She made a controversial poster, which resulted in receiving several individuals’ attention. Many got offended, upset, and some even resulted in calling her a “whore”. She felt disappointed that people would call her a whore at such a young age, especially by adults. She doesn’t understand why people would even call her that, because is she’s virgin and is not planning on having sex right now. She says it’s scary to have a woman’s right taken away and restricted from obtaining access to having a safe abortion. Her poster said “Jesus isn’t a dick so keep him out of my vagina” although she is being called a whore this will not stop her from continuing to fight for “woman’s right to choose and the separation of church and state in my home state of Texas”. (

Are individuals aware of what it means to be twenty weeks pregnant? Shown below is an image of a diagram, which displays the development of a fetus. One can get an idea of the growth and decide how they feel about abortion after twenty weeks. A woman should have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. Women tend to be affected more than men when it comes to this matter. Overall, allowing women to control their own bodies should be a choice.


Sonia Vera- Blog#5


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