Sequoia Shirley Blog 5

Two different children of two different races from two different backgrounds, but who committed the same crime.
Children are taught race at a young age. This article demonstrates how different aspects of race and social class can determine how two incidents are perceived. Both of these 7-yr-old boys took their parent/guardian’s car for a joyride, looking to have fun and run from the police. The white child states that he does not really know why he took the car, he just did. The black child states that he wanted to act like the people he knew as “hoodrats” and thought it would be fun to take the car. However, both children were punished very differently, and their perception of commmitting this crime by other people was very different.

The argument may be that the African American boy was more dangerous because he did some damage to some property, but couldn’t the Caucasian child have done the same? It could be said that the African American boy took more responsibility for his actions, rather than the Caucasian boy.

This article represents how perception of incidents committed by two different races and classes are unequal. It also denotes how race is taught at an early age, and how racial views are acted out by children. One child’s bad act was seen as a joke and a shock, while the other child’s bad act was seen as typical and dangerous. These examples of different racial and class views can affect these children’s perceptions of themselves as they get older. Both children’s bad actions should be viewed the same regardless of race or class because both children committed a crime, and should be punished in the same way. Crime has no color; the same crimes should be punished in the same manner.


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