Suthikiat Phutisatayakul Blog 5

The recent case that has been on everyone’s mind and all over the media is the Trayvon Martin case. Even if you really have no in depth idea of what happened, many at least know a young black man was shot by an older white man. Recently, we were discussing how there is inequality amongst men and women and their safety. Below are some pictures of 2 black women who did not shoot anyone but were sentenced to jail time and George Zimmerman who shot a young man and walked away out of the courthouse a free man. Does this make any sense to anyone? Ever since the abolition of slavery, we have overtly and covertly made it white America’s mission to do what we can to ensure that non-whites are still treated unequally and unfairly. Because of this, we have not only blatantly said that we don’t like equality, but we have made sure that the next generation of non-whites are trapped in the ghettos of the country with limited possibilities or chances of upward mobility furthering the gap between not just the rich and poor, but of the whites and non-whites perpetuating the culture of poverty ideology so many people are found of. 




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